Why Diamonds Are Better Than Men!

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Why diamonds REALLY ARE a girl’s best friend

Why diamonds are a girl’s best friendAs a metaphor for enduring love, nothing beats the qualities inherent in a diamond – not even a man.

In the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, Marilyn Monroe breathlessly intoned, “A kiss may be grand, but it won’t be the rental”, and women the world over nodded in agreement.

Jewelry experts will tell you that there’s no such thing as the perfect diamond, just like there’s no such thing as the perfect man, so as an interesting exercise, I thought it might be appropriate to weigh up the pros and cons of both…

For starters, a diamond is never going to run away with your best girlfriend, leaving you to care for his progeny while he deals with his mid-life crisis.

A diamond won’t tell you your bum looks big in your new $350 jeans, or say “Are you wearing THAT?”

Diamonds won’t forget your birthday or anniversary, but remember the score of every Knick’s game since time began.

A diamond won’t pass wind, then laugh about it.

Diamonds won’t sit glued to the TV when you want to go out to dinner.

And a diamond won’t nod absent-mindedly and gaze at his watch while you try to explain why your first-born has to repeat the third grade AGAIN. And it certainly won’t respond with, “That’s nice, honey.”


A diamond can’t give you hug therapy when you’ve had a really bad day.

Or take the garbage out, unclog the waste disposal, or mow the lawns.

And a diamond can’t say “I love you” when you least expected it, or make you laugh through your tears, or sheepishly bring you roses when you’ve argued.

All diamonds are said to have flaws, so I guess when you weigh up the good and the bad, the answer is to love your man as much for his flaws as you love your diamonds for theirs.