“Loose Diamonds” (Build Your Engagement Ring) vs. Pre-Set Engagement Rings

emerald cut diamond ringsMost diamond websites will tend to focus on the positive aspect of buying a diamond engagement ring in this fashion, by pointing out that the consumer is “in the drivers seat” and in complete control of the entire purchase process.

They will push the fact that by choosing a loose diamond and ring setting separately, the customer actually has greater flexibility and can search exclusively for the loose diamond that most qualifies for his/her parameters for items like diamond shape, cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

Once they find a loose diamond that most closely fits their criterion, it is on to the perfect engagement ring setting.

The Internet diamond websites will push their “build your own diamond ring” feature as a tool for consumer empowerment and will point to the advantages over forcing the customer to select a pre-fab diamond engagement ring, where all variables have already been chosen.

While there is certainly much truth to this, the fact still remains that Internet diamond stores because of an entirely different business model, are usually forced to showcase and sell their diamond rings this way, much the same way that the local jewelry stores find pre- fabricated engagement rings to be in their own best interests.

The actual accrued benefit (credited to many Internet diamond stores) of having the customer select all of the variables for both the loose diamond and ring setting, is in many instances a purely secondary or non-intended benefit.

To be certain, many websites, as well as brick and mortar jewelry stores, will offer both options. That is to say, that the consumer will have the ability to select a pre-set diamond ring, or have one put together and created from scratch.

Which is the better method??

The answer is, there is no “better” or “worse” method; only the one that works for each individual consumer. Some people cannot deal with too many options. They would rather be given a set of options and will choose the one that best fits their criterion. These customers therefore appreciate the ability to choose from a pre-set selection of diamond engagement rings.

Others, need to be in full control from A to Z and appreciate the ability to actually put together and build this sentimental and significant purchase as a completely unique diamond engagement ring and based entirely upon their own parameters.

There is no bad choice, although, clearly, the Internet diamond stores and the local jewelry stores will often appeal and cater to these two different consumer segments.

In either case and whatever your individual choice, the only thing you as a consumer need to be cognizant of, is that you should always be in control of the quality and specifications of your diamond engagement ring from start to finish.

There is no such a thing as having to “settle” for a diamond engagement ring, where you are still unhappy about a few of the details, but feel like in the totality of its pre-set specifications…it is “good enough”.

You must understand, that a diamond can always be exchanged out of a ring and replaced with the one that more closely fits with your specs. and budget…and via versa.

You should never be made to feel like you need to “settle” for a certain engagement ring, simply because it has already been pieced together for you..regardless of where you buy it.

Buying a diamond ring is a once in a lifetime purchase…(we hope..;-))….and is usually not a cheap proposition.

Anybody earning a shot at your business should be more than happy to do whatever it takes to make sure that you secure the diamond engagement ring of your dreams!

Best Of Luck!